Nashville, TN
September 24 - 26, 2018
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Tuesday, September 25


Delivering Developer Tools at Scale: Microsoft Azure & Oracle Cloud Perspectives - David Justice, Microsoft & Joe Levy, Oracle
We live in a cloud-paced world in which developers use a plethora of programming languages, frameworks, and DevOps tools. Like other applications, the cloud is powered by many ever-advancing REST APIs. Providing idiomatic experiences for developers in their languages of choice at the pace of service innovation is impossible without automation. Come learn how the Developer Experience teams at Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure deliver high-quality SDKs and documentation in real-time for Java, .NET, Python, Go, JavaScript, and Ruby, without breaking a sweat. In this session, you’ll learn to leverage OpenAPI specifications and the OSS community to create huge productivity gains, whether you’re delivering a cloud, an app, or anything in between.

avatar for David Justice

David Justice

Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft
David Justice is a Principal Software Engineer in Microsoft's Azure open source developer experience group. He leads code & documentation generation at scale using OpenAPI for Azure. David has lead the transformation of Microsoft's APIs from proprietary descriptions to public, open... Read More →
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Joe Levy

Senior Software Development Manager, Oracle
Joe Levy owns Developer Experience for Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure Services team, and previously worked on Microsoft Azure's Automation service. He has expertise in a variety of programming languages, both client and server-side, as well as in reverse engineering and computer... Read More →

Tuesday September 25, 2018 11:20am - 11:40am
Davidson Ballroom A 2/3
Wednesday, September 26


From “How” to “What” – APIs as the Central Architectural Feature in an eCommerce Architecture - Chuck Rhoades, Pizza Hut
In a traditional large-scale eCommerce system APIs often exist alongside web UIs, administrative tooling, ETLs, and other integrations as just another way of interacting with a deeply interwoven and impenetrably monolithic platform.  APIs are just another “How” to interact with the data and systems.  Using a microservice oriented approach moves APIs from just being a “How” to being the central “What” of our systems.  Along with the enormous benefits of a microservice architecture, we also have a whole new set of options and challenges to work through along the way.  In this talk, we’ll look at how Pizza Hut has met these challenges in the process of implementing an API first, microservice infrastructure.

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Chuck Rhoades

Director of eCommerce Engineering and Infrastructure, Pizza Hut
Chuck Rhoades the director of eCommerce engineering and infrastructure for Pizza Hut US. Chuck has over 18 years of software development experience, serving in many roles including developer, software architect, system admin, product owner, and managing dev teams serving a large and... Read More →

Wednesday September 26, 2018 11:10am - 11:30am
Davidson Ballroom C


Forced Innovation in Banking, With Regulation and Open APIs - Mehdi Medjaoui, CA Technologies
The European parliament decided with the PSD2 regulation that European Banks must open their systems to the world in order to boost innovation for the banking customer experience. Australia, India Singapour are following their path. But banks were never prepared to open their IT as their business was to manage users captive in their systems. This is a cultural and technical revolution. In that context of "forced innovation", what banks need to do? What Banks are actually doing? Co-author of the Banking API : State of the Market from 2015 to 2018, Mehdi will provide an overview of the current banking practices worldwide, from business strategy to API implementation to Developer portal design. To help Banks open APIs with strategy, Mehdi will propose the R.I.S.K. pattern for Banks to open and manage APIs to win the race on building the best customer experience applications.


Mehdi Medjaoui

Lead API Economist, CA Technologies
As lead API economist at the API academy, I manage technical, organizational and business research on building and managing APIs at scale. I am currently co-authoring an O'Reilly book about Continuous API management for O'Reilly. I am the co-author of the "Banking APIs : State of... Read More →

Wednesday September 26, 2018 11:40am - 12:00pm
Davidson Ballroom C


Moving Towards a Modern API Lifecycle – Kin Lane, API Evangelist
By 2010 the API sector began to grow up, focusing more on API management, then eventually shifting towards a design first mentality by 2015, which highlighted the importance of mocking, testing, as well as documenting your APIs. In 2018, all of this is now coming into focus as a more coherent, collaborative approach to delivering APIs consistently across a known API lifecycle. More API teams are finding that design, mocking, documenting, testing, and iterating on your APIs before you ever begin actually developing and deploying code is the sensible way to deliver APIs today. I'd like to share one perspective of a modern API lifecycle, and talk about how API definitions are playing a central role in driving development, while also contributing to measuring, reporting, and governing how APIs are delivered across distributed groups, to ensure API infrastructure is supporting web, mobile, desktop, device, and network applications as expected, at a web scale.

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Kin Lane

API Evangelist, API Evangelist
I am the @APIEvangelist paying attention to the technology, business, and politics of APIs.

Wednesday September 26, 2018 12:10pm - 12:30pm
Davidson Ballroom C


How the Standardization of OASv3 Refactored a Government - Dimitri van Hees, Apiwise
The Netherlands are currently facing their biggest IT challenge ever. The main reason is the activation of a new law which turns out to be an enabler to refactor the entire digital government. Having a lot of established departments and public authorities, our governmental IT landscape consists of lots of legacy systems which now need to be connected to each other, or replaced.

As resources are scarce, rapid and agile development in cooperation with private companies and developers is essential. APIs play a key role in this, and making sure everyone (tech and non-tech) speaks the same language is a must.

In May, the Dutch Standardization Board accepted a proposal to adopt OpenAPI Specification 3 as the de facto standard to describe government APIs. This session is about how we managed to get it on the list and how OASv3 is now fueling the digital transformation of the Dutch Government.

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Dimitri van Hees

API Architect, Apiwise
Dimitri van Hees (1984) is an API Architect from The Netherlands and co-founder of Apiwise. His company is involved in multiple IT projects from the Dutch Government. Before starting his own API consultancy company in 2015, he and his business partner has been web developers at a... Read More →

Wednesday September 26, 2018 2:00pm - 2:20pm
Davidson Ballroom C
  • Skill Level Any


In Their Own Words: Dispatches From API Users - Jasmine Mithani, DataMade
We talk a lot about documentation and how to improve the developer experience. But what about when your users aren’t developers or are brand new to coding? More and more creatives and beginning coders are using API’s for use cases you might not have ever imagined. This talk will go over tips for presenting your API to an audience you might not have thought your work would appeal to, sharing concerns and pain points directly from people who have struggled with usability. Going a step beyond best practices for documentation, we will also review how best to design your documentation layout to be inclusive of myriad user backgrounds, using the DataMade Open City Data API as an example.

avatar for Jasmine Mithani

Jasmine Mithani

Developer, DataMade
Jasmine Mithani is a developer at DataMade, a civic tech company in Chicago, IL. She has worked as a game developer, graphics journalist, and data visualization designer. At DataMade, Jasmine loves transforming complex data into meaningful visualizations, and is the team member most... Read More →

Wednesday September 26, 2018 2:30pm - 2:50pm
Davidson Ballroom C
  • Skill Level Any
  • about Jasmine Mithani is a developer at DataMade, a civic tech company in Chicago, IL. She has worked as a game developer, graphics journalist, and data visualization designer.&nbsp;At DataMade, Jasmine loves transforming complex data into meaningful visualizations, and is the team member most likely to fret over font weights. After&nbsp;the she heads to South Side Weekly, a hyperlocal paper, where she serves as Data Editor. Empowering disadvantaged populations to pursue and maintain careers in technology is near and dear to her heart.<br><br>