Nashville, TN
September 24 - 26, 2018
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GraphQL and Friends [clear filter]
Tuesday, September 25


Best Practices for Designing GraphQL Schemas - Scott Walkinshaw, Shopify Inc.
GraphQL is a powerful new API technology which provides many benefits thanks to its typed schema. The schema itself will be the focus of this talk.

Scott Walkinshaw will share design guidelines and tips for GraphQL schemas which Shopify uses to onboard and educate its distributed teams building both internal and public GraphQL APIs.

You'll learn how to take advantage of GraphQL's type system and unique features while avoiding incompatible REST design principles.

This talk will cover building schemas that are flexible enough to evolve over time, provide useful and actionable errors to clients, and have a powerful set of mutations which can handle complicated write operations.

Throughout this talk, Scott will focus on making your schema represent your business domain and not your implementation making it more understandable for your API consumers.

avatar for Scott Walkinshaw

Scott Walkinshaw

Senior Developer, Shopify
I'm a long-time API developer who has been converted to GraphQL. I work for Shopify on our API Patterns Team building API tools and empowering our teams to create better GraphQL APIs. Shopify is one of the few companies with public GraphQL APIs, and our team just recently launched... Read More →

Tuesday September 25, 2018 2:00pm - 2:20pm
Davidson Ballroom A 2/3
  • Skill Level Any


Continuous Evolution of GraphQL Schemas @ GitHub - Marc-Andre Giroux, GitHub
Evolving an API, let alone a public one, is no easy task. The standard for GraphQL APIs has been to use continuous evolution instead of versioning schemas. While continuous evolution is nothing new in the world of APIs, GraphQL's built in deprecations, type system and query language brings a set of interesting advantages when opting for that strategy.

Evolving GraphQL schemas still brings a lot of questions: Which integrators are using this field? Can we safely remove this deprecated enum value? With hundreds of developers contributing to a single GraphQL API, the ecosystem team at GitHub had to come up with an answer to these questions, and better tooling to help engineers build evolvable GraphQL APIs.

This is the story of how GitHub gained greater confidence in building and evolving GraphQL schemas.

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Marc-Andre Giroux

Senior Platform Engineer, GitHub
A Jazz guitarist turned developer, Marc-André is currently working at GitHub, where he is trying to help building better APIs. He was recently on a panel on building public APIs using GraphQL at the GraphQL Summit. When he's not thinking about API design or building better tooling... Read More →

Tuesday September 25, 2018 2:30pm - 2:50pm
Davidson Ballroom A 2/3
  • Skill Level Any


XML, SOAP, JSON, REST... GraphQL? - Mike Stowe, RingCentral
GraphQL is hot - pushed forward by Facebook internal usage and GitHub's public GraphQL API. But what are the real benefits of GraphQL verses REST, and is there a risk of history repeating itself? In this session we'll take a look a quick look at the history of APIs, evaluate the pros and cons of both REST and GraphQL, and take a look at common use cases where you might want to consider using one or the other.

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Mike Stowe

Developer Relations, RingCentral
Author of Undisturbed REST, Michael Stowe has spoken at conferences around the world. An active advocate for creating better architectures and interfaces, his work has also been featured on ProgrammableWeb, DZone, and InfoQ. You can view his past talks and slides at http://www.mikestowe.com/slides... Read More →

Tuesday September 25, 2018 3:10pm - 3:30pm
Davidson Ballroom A 2/3
  • Skill Level Any


GraphQL for the Enterprise: Exploiting Your REST API Inventory to Create Better User Experiences - Jim Laredo & Erik Wittern, IBM Research
Did you just finished converting your company to REST APIs and now you are being told to think GraphQL? What should you expect to gain with GraphQL and how can you quickly enable your existing REST APIs with GraphQL interfaces? And what about GraphQL management? What challenges does it pose compared to REST API Management? If these new API models questions tickle your curiosity, we invite you to attend this presentation where we will discuss and demonstrate how OpenAPIs 3.0 lend themselves to be wrapped with a GraphQL interface and how GraphQL Management evolves from traditional API Management.

avatar for Jim Laredo

Jim Laredo

Distinguished Engineer, IBM
Jim A. Laredo is an IBM Distinguished Engineer at IBM Research, in Yorktown, NY. He leads the API Economy agenda with efforts around API management, API consumption, SaaS enablement for self service and ecosystem development. His interests have been in BPM research, SaaS platforms... Read More →
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Erik Wittern

Research Staff Member, IBM Research
Dr. Erik Wittern is an Research Staff Member at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, NY. His Research focus is on Web APIs, its discovery and use, and the evolution of new API Models like GraphQL. He has presented his research at renowned world conferences like ICSE: International Conference... Read More →

Tuesday September 25, 2018 3:40pm - 4:00pm
Davidson Ballroom A 2/3


Is RPC Really the Future of APIs? - Greg Brail, Google
APIs were a backlash. Web and mobile developers, newly unleashed upon the world of enterprise IT, saw the complexity generated by SOAP and CORBA and hated it. The result was a 15-year domination of app development by APIs based on the premise that the simplest thing one could do is to send JSON over HTTP.

Now we're building the tech stack up again. RPC systems like gRPC and code generators based on OpenAPI are becoming more popular, and are changing the fundamental abstraction behind web APIs from HTTP to remote function calls. Just making an API call increasingly requires downloading an SDK and hoping it is compatible.

Is this progress? Or are we losing sight of the simplicity and flexibility that made APIs such a success? Or has what's "simple" changed?

Meanwhile, the academics hated APIs because they weren't "REST" enough. But were they right all along?


Greg Brail

Principal Software Engineer, Google
Greg Brail was part of Apigee from 2007 until the company joined Google in 2016. At Apigee, he has guided the architecture of the Apigee Edge product, spearheaded Apigee's Node.js efforts, and performed many other roles. Previously he worked at BEA as technical lead for WebLogic JMS... Read More →

Tuesday September 25, 2018 4:10pm - 4:30pm
Davidson Ballroom A 2/3