Nashville, TN
September 24 - 26, 2018
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Wednesday, September 26


The Implication of Hyrum’s Law on Hypermedia REST APIs - Benjamin Greenberg, Comcast
Hyrum's Law states that "With a sufficient number of users of an API, all observable behaviors of your system will be depended on by somebody." This observation is catastrophic to the idea of a REST API that can evolve independently from its clients.

Once a client is released that relies on observable attributes of an API, the API instantly becomes hard to change. The API can then quickly become littered with deprecated properties, kludges, and violations of the advertised media type. These quirks are observed by new users of the API, compounding the issues. The result is an API where change becomes risky rather than routine, not the decoupled and evolvable APIs promised by Hypermedia.

In this talk we will explore why clients misuse REST APIs and what strategies, both social and technical, we can utilize to fight back against Hyrum's Law and unlock the power of Hypermedia in our APIs.

avatar for Benjamin Greenberg

Benjamin Greenberg

Principal Architect, Comcast
Ben is an architect on Comcast's Advanced Applications Engineering team. A REST API proponent for many years, he has spoken on hypermedia at Velocity, API Strat, and other conferences. At Comcast, he designs APIs and solutions that power the Xfinity Stream application on mobile, web... Read More →

Wednesday September 26, 2018 3:10pm - 3:30pm
Davidson Ballroom C


Hypermedia is Dead. Long Live Hypermedia! - Mike Stowe, RingCentral
HATEOAS - the concept of using hypermedia as the engine of application state is dead. Numerous companies have tried to incorporate hypermedia, and only a few have succeeded - but at what cost and what benefit. With the REST hypothesis tried and failed, we now look towards new solutions and methods. Hypermedia is dead. Or, is it? In this session we'll take a look at hypermedia, including how it enables us to do everyday tasks while humbly laying in the background. And we'll take a look at what it really means to be "hypermedia driven," why it is a critical constraint in REST, why so many companies have failed, and how to successfully incorporate hypermedia in a way that drives value for both your company and your consumers.

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Mike Stowe

Developer Relations, RingCentral
Author of Undisturbed REST, Michael Stowe has spoken at conferences around the world. An active advocate for creating better architectures and interfaces, his work has also been featured on ProgrammableWeb, DZone, and InfoQ. You can view his past talks and slides at http://www.mikestowe.com/slides... Read More →

Wednesday September 26, 2018 3:40pm - 4:00pm
Davidson Ballroom C


Pragmatic Hypermedia - Stephen Mizell, Autodesk
Hypermedia should be as easy as building any other modern API. It should work with your existing tools and processes while giving you the benefits of hypermedia like evolvability, scalability, and discoverability. It should be easy to understand, design, implement, and consume. It should leverage existing standards like OpenAPI and JSON-LD. However, this is generally not true of our modern hypermedia landscape.

What if we made hypermedia easier? What if we started applying hypermedia with the simple rule of "just add links?" This is what RESTful JSON aims to do. RESTful JSON is a minimal and pragmatic API design pattern for adding links to JSON in order to build expressive and evolvable APIs. In this talk, Stephen will explain what RESTful JSON is and share stories of how it has helped people attain the benefits of hypermedia using common practices.

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Stephen Mizell

API Software Engineer, Autodesk
Stephen Mizell works as an API software engineer at Autodesk where he helps create cross-team standards and practices while instilling principles for building great products. He previously worked at Apiary on enterprise API design and collaboration tools and API formats like API Blueprint... Read More →

Wednesday September 26, 2018 4:10pm - 4:30pm
Davidson Ballroom C
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